Flower Display Services

Here at Westcountry Baskets along with our quality flowers we will also support you in having the best display all year round by providing only quality automatic watering systems and display brackets.

Our flower display services are all designed with the commercial sector in mind. Quality flower products and a professional after-market service for any installation provided by us. Making sure your display is in tip-top condition all year round. Our quality is your assurance.

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New Automatic Watering Systems

Although your plants will flourish with normal hand-watering twice a day this can become a task that gets forgotten when times are busy. We recommend that our customers install an automatic watering system to keep your flowers in tip-top condition all season.

Water systems are a no-fuss, non-intrusive and permanent way to reach your plants all year round. They operate from a battery powered timer that turns the water supply on and off at the optimum time every day, even when you are on holiday.

Our water systems are designed to last and are professionally installed to be discrete and maintenance free. Our Water Systems work because we insist on using a minimum size of 16mm supply pipe. This then distributes to smaller 5mm directional supply feeders for the individual plants. Our system ensures that every plant gets the required amount of water, in a way that other cheaper systems cannot guarantee.

Free quotation for New Watering Systems - Starting at £350 (+VAT)

We can offer you a free quote at any point, either before or after we have displayed your flowers. Prices start at £350, which includes the battery powered automatic timer.

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Watering System Check

Through the passage of time, water system feeders can become dislodged or partially blocked, preventing your flowers from getting the full amount of watering that they deserve. We recommend that you schedule a Water System Check on an annual basis.

The check will ensure that:

  • The timer is set correctly and functioning.
  • The battery has sufficient life.
  • Each feeders is distributing perfectly.

Book a Water System Check - £20 (+VAT)

Our water system checks are only £20 (+VAT). To book a water system check simply ask when re-ordering, or if in any doubt throughout the year simply call or email at any time.

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New Water System Battery

Our powered timers are supplied with a quality long-lasting battery. As with all batteries they will eventually deplete to the extent that they may not function fully. The life of your battery should become evident at the same time as your annual Water System Check, which is a very good reason to have us check your system annually.

Battery Supplied and Installed - £5 (+VAT)

It is better to replace early, rather than risk the dissappointment that the battery fails when your flowers are in full bloom. Although you could change the battery yourself we will happily provide this service for £5.

New Watering System Timers

Our Watering Systems run from quality battery powered timers that will last several seasons however they may malfunction after a while. It would be a shame that your flower displays failed because of a malfunctioning timer so after a water system check we may recommend a new timer or new battery.

Supplied and Installed - £100 (+VAT)

New Water System Timers appropriate for our systems cost £100 (+VAT) to supply and then expertly install. Correct installation is important to ensure the correct amount of water is provided, and at the time.

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Brackets for Hanging Baskets and Troughs

We may recommend new or replacement brackets when you order your first set of hanging baskets or troughs from Westcountry Baskets. We make the minimum of fuss about this service and simply provide exactly what is needed. We supply and fit all of our own brackets to the correct specification of the basket or trough ordered and guarantee our product and workmanship to be safe and appropriate for public display.

Brackets Supplied and Fitted:

  • Brackets and fitting - from £6 each (+VAT)
  • Trough Brackets (per pair) - £12 (+VAT)

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