Frequently Asked Questions

We will always welcome your calls or emails on anything to do with our flower displays services or even to simply to discuss your plans. Just in case we can answer your question here, we have provided a list of frequently asked questions.


Are the flower baskets self-maintaining? All our plants, baskets and planters are self-maintaining. All we ask is that you water them twice a day. Remember - You can never over-water!

Should I feed the plants? There is a slow release feed in every container that we display. If you feel inspired, a little tomato feed doesn't hurt once in a while.

Would I benefit from a Watering System? It speaks for itself. It will mean that you will no longer need to water twice a day. And as our watering systems will be in place next season as well you'll go on feeling the benefit.

Will the watering system work whilst on my holiday? Our assured quality of only the best timers and tubing mean that you won't need to employ someone to come and water your plants whilst you are away.

What happens if our plants fail? You can contact us at any time for a prompt response to any concerns regarding your plants health. We pride ourselves on our quality customer care. If our plants are at fault we will of course replace free of charge.

Do you provide lower specification watering system? We ensure that our watering system offers you a solution, not another problem to deal with. For this reason we only provide a high specification water system that you can trust to work on your behalf all season.

How long does it take to install an automatic watering system? We always like to allow at least one full day to complete the installation. We like to know the system is fully tested before leaving.

Can you provide hanging baskets that work in the shade? Yes we can. As long as we know where the hanging baskets are going we will simply select plants that thrive in that environment. That is just part of the free service you get by coming to Westcountry Baskets.

Do you supply residential properties? Yes we do. We provide the same high quality plants and high quality watering systems to anyone that wants the best flowering baskets in the Westcountry. Quality assured service is our guarantee. Please browse our baskets for an idea of what products you require and contact us for a free quotation.

Is delivery cost included with any order? Yes, we always deliver and install your baskets ourselves. Providing the full delivery and installation service means that you can we assured that your plants are not damaged by inexperience or rush.

What happens if the baskets die? We will always do our best to help our customers. That starts by us insisting on only providing the best locally grown plants. After that, watering is essential to the success of your display. If you fail to water twice a day your plants will ultimately fail. If under-watering is the evident cause to failure then there may be a small charge to bring your display back to it's full glory. If not down to under-watering then we will always replace free of charge. That is how much we believe in our displays.

Can baskets be customised? Yes, we can customise your baskets to your choosing. We can colour match or colour enhance your property to make it stand out. Let us know your plans and we will provide our expert advice on the plants that will work in the areas you would like to display.

If in doubt, Contact me any time

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