Advice for maintaining your flower display

On Installation, especially if you employ the service of an automatic watering system, your flower troughs and flowering hanging baskets should flourish with only a watering twice a day. Here are a few suggestions of how you might give your display on an even better chance to bloom beyond your dreams.

Add a little feed

We use only the best quality compost for our plants. However did you know that we also put a water retainer and a slow release nutritious feed in the soil as well. These properties will continue to look after your plants long after we have gone. If you want to try a little extra then there is nothing wrong with adding a little tomato feed to your watering cycle.

Try some dead-heading

All our flowers, whether hanging basket or wire-trough of flowering plants, go through multiple budding phases. So naturally you will have some 'dead-heads' around whilst fresh blooms are nearby. Simply pinch or prune these dead heads off at the base of the bloom. Exactly as it sounds.

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